Brown Lucky (SOLD)

g kustom kuhl total kustom frame that has been totally smoothed [every weld/join], with 20 deuce diamond spinners, NOS white gum wall tyres, kustom tank fill, g kustom chain guard [with tensioner], g kustom 26 bent springer forks, kustom headlight mount [german union headlight], cruiser bars with spiral grips, g kustom rear fibreglass guard [with chrome top], hard springer seat trimmed to match, finished in kustom brown matt automotive paint with silver pinstriping, rear disc brake with billet alloy caliper bracket, NOS brake lever [modified to suit], braided brake line, NOS rat trap pedals, all chrome triple plated [show style]. your chance to own a one-off kustom bike that not only is totally kool but actually rides!

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